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Policies and Procedures are almost worthless...

Unless you can evidence that they have been received, read, understood and where appropriate affirmed by every stakeholder.

One of the biggest challenges facing organisations of all types is managing the significant and growing number of policies and procedures that they are required to communicate to staff – and demonstrating compliance and best practice to Regulators, Senior Management and Auditors.

Policy Management Software is key for good governance & compliance. Whilst well written policies and procedures are the cornerstone of a compliance programme, their value substantially decreases if they are not regularly reviewed, professionally communicated and managed.

With increasing legislative and regulatory requirements, such as Anti Money Laundering; The UK Bribery Act & FCPA (Communication & Training) and BS 10500:2011; Information Security and Solvency II; proactive management of the processes around these critical documents is essential in order to demonstrate good governance and mitigate liability.

Whether it’s policies, procedures or guidelines, relying on handbooks or information lost, duplicated or difficult to find on a corporate Intranet; traditional methods of managing this key process are simply not adequate in today’s regulated environment.


PolicyHub – ensures you achieve control of the whole lifecycle of your Policies & Procedures.

Integration with an Enterprise Risk Management solution such as OpRiskControl, provides the foundation for an enhanced GRC platform.

Proactive Policy Management

From creating, updating, managing and communicating policies to automated knowledge assessments, audit and reporting, PolicyHub delivers an end-to-end cost effective and measurable compliance solution.

Whether driven by tightening regulations and standards, by the need to effectively communicate and manage critical policies to avoid liability and reputational damage, and ensure best practice; or just by the requirement to reduce costs and increase efficiency, PolicyHub can help.

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Information Sheets

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Case Studies

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  • Demonstrate rigorous governance and control
  • Accurately track employee acceptance and understanding of key policies
  • Respond and react to investigation instantly
  • Achieve a single view of the entire policy lifecycle
  • Deliver detailed reporting in real-time
  • Escalate key actions at the touch of a button
  • Reduce operational inefficiencies and the cost of compliance
  • Improve business performance